Woman’s mannequin head in handsewn antique blue velvet with varnished, height-adjustable metal base

Woman’s mannequin head in handsewn Prussian blue velvet with varnished, height-adjustable metal base


This mannequin head is ideal for display of headgear such as hats, caps and helmets, as well as sports bands and glasses.

This item is completely made in Italy and can be used in both classic or sports shop windows and counter displays.

The structure is made of rigid, high density expanded polyurethane in order to guarantee resistance over time. In addition, it is nontoxic and resistant to mould, bacteria and fungi, as well as being is fully pinnable.

The covering fabric is completely handsewn and is available in a variety of colours.

This model can be matched with a base in customised materials and shapes according to the customer’s needs.

Height (base included): from 14 to 22 inches
Head perimeter: 20 inches
Diameter round base: 5,9 inches

This is an artisanal product made in Italy.
It is highly appreciated in fashionable clothes shops with a good value for money.

This product can be customised according to the customer’s requests and it is available in a variety of materials and colours.

Covering colour<ul>
• Prussian blue

Available covering colours*:
· Red
· Blue
· Green
· Grey
· White
· Black

Available covering fabrics**:
· Linen blend
· Rough linen
· Jute
· Cotton
· Cotton panama
· Silk
· Satin
· Velvet

Available stand colours:
· Antiqued anthracite
· Faux-rust effect
· Matte white
· Matte Black

* Colours are customisable

** It is possible to request other fabrics

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