Products of tangible excellence

High quality, stylistic sophistication and an artisan manufacture

Throughout our artisan manufacturing process, we prioritise high quality and sophistication. Covering is performed with fine materials only, such as fine linen and cotton fabrics in fashionable colours. Materials are hand-sewn following the best Italian tradition.
As a result of our manufacturing processes and attention to detail, our products have an essential, timeless look that is highly appreciated in the fashion industry.

Elegant stitching lines and stands of high quality

The stitching lines are soft and elegant, highlighting the elegant style and artisanal quality of our products.
Each tailor’s dummy can be equipped with walnut or ash wood stands lacquered in neutral shades or colorful varnishes according to the customer’s needs. It is also possible to choose from a variety of iron stands, including with tripod, in a rectangular or square shape and lacquered in fashionable colors. The stand quality completes the whole bust’s aesthetics, making it unique and fashionable.

Meeting your needs with customized dummies

We welcome your requests to offer a unique, fully customised product.
Dummies can be equipped with a removable head or with movable beechwood arms. The structure of tailor’s dummies is made of high density expanded polyurethane, making them fully pinnable.
We also produce dummies in different sizes to meet your needs.