An Italian display for children’s garments

This collection offers child tailor’s dummies manufactured according to the Italian tradition. These dummies have been designed for an elegant and stylish display of children’s garments.

Busts are fully pinnable and made of high density expanded polyurethane, a nontoxic material guaranteeing robustness over time as well as resistance to mould, bacteria and fungi, unlike lower quality expanded polystyrene.

Bases available include wheeled solid cast iron stands, round, square and tripod stands in iron and beechwood. Stands are designed following criteria of aesthetics, functionality and resistance.

Dummies come with a wide range of accessories including fine, made-in-Italy heads, removable neck caps and movable beechwood arms.

Products are fully customizable upon customer request.

Products from this collection are available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, and with or without head and movable arms, in order for customers to obtain a unique model tailored to their shop window or atelier.