Controvetrina presents its collection Italian Tailorbust

Contro vetrina, a small workshop following a great tradition

Contro vetrina is an Italian tailor’s dummies supplier based in Florence. For over thirty years, it has been providing high quality, beautiful dummies, busts and mannequins for shop windows and fashion events. We carry out research for new materials and methods in keeping with the fashion industry to create unique mannequins and busts. We produce dummies in our craft laboratory in the countryside around Florence, following the tradition of Italian masters.

Italian Tailorbust – Fine, best-quality dummies made in Italy

Italian Tailorbust is an online platform showcasing our fine bust and mannequin collections from our Controvetrina laboratory.

Our careful search for style and design and our attention to detail have led to the creation of valuable, robust mannequins and busts.

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Customised, tailor-made dummies and mannequins.

Our tailor’s dummies and mannequins range from a classic to modern style and are suitable for all budgets, from smaller shops to luxury boutiques. High quality is always guaranteed.
As specialists in this industry, we are happy to meet our customers’ needs. Our mannequins are available with either a neck cap or a removable head and removable arms (these are made of high-quality beechwood and can be lacquered upon request) and can be covered with various types of fabrics, such as rough linen, linen blend, fine cotton, and refined ones such as velvet, silk and elastane.
We can provide beechwood with walnut, ash wood, cherry wood or mahogany staining coated with either neutral or colourful varnishes. We also offer a range of iron stands; tripod, rectangular, square and painted with fashionable colours. The lacquering of wooden and iron parts can also be customised.